Profanity regex

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Manage Yammer data compliance

As of version 2, requires you either have an environment that understands ES and beyond or a transpiler like Babel. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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profanity regex

Latest commit Oct 23, You signed in with another tab or window.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Basically, I have it ignore case, then I put?

If I have 6 words in the filter, it will filter a fairly long string characters innanoseconds. When I have 12, it just about doubles. So, about 1ms per 6 curse words with this. But my filter will have hundreds or so. Calculating this, it would take about 66ms to filter this long string.

This is a chat server I'm building, and if I have lots of users on say, 5, and 1 out of 5 are chatting in 1 second 1, chat messages I need to filter a message in about 1ms.

Am I asking too much of regexps? Would it be faster to make my own specialized type of filter by hand? Are there ways to optimize this? Update: Another thing I could to is have chat messages filtered client side in actionscript. Update: I believe the only way to achieve such degree of performance would be a hand-coded solution without using regexps sadly, so I'll have to do a more basic filter.

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I spent the better part of 2 years working on a profanity filter using regular expressions and finally gave up. During this time, I tried all of these things:. Nothing worked well and as my blacklist grew my system slowed down.

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In the end I gave up and implemented a linear analysis filter, which is now the core part of CleanSpeak, my company's profanity filtering product. Lastly, we also found that performing linear analysis made the filter more accurate and allowed us to solve the "scunthrope problem" and many of the other ones people have mentioned in the comments here.

You can definitely try all of the things I mention above and see if you can get your performance up, but it is a hard problem to solve because regexps weren't really designed for language analysis. They were designed for text analysis, which is a very different problem.

I think a more promising approach is to use a simple, fast filter with some false positives, then re-test the positives against a more rigorous filter.

Unless your users are total potty-mouths, there shouldn't be all that many detailed checks needed. Update : Thought of this after I went home, but Qtax got there first see other answer - try removing all the punctuation first, then run plain word patterns on the text. This should make the word patterns much simpler and faster, especially when you have a lot of words to test. When you have many words, group them by their first equal characters, and you should see less than linear time increase for added words.

I mean that if you have two words "foobar" and "fook" make a regex formed like foo? Using non-backtracking groups instead of non-capturing might increase performance. Another suggestion could be to just remove all the punctuation in the string first and then you could apply a simpler expression.

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Also, if you can, try to apply the expression on longer strings.As a verified admin, you can keep your users' Yammer posts appropriate and meet security and compliance requirements. You can set up alerts for content that matches keywords, set data retention policies, and if needed, you can view private content. You can also export data from Yammer.

Monitor sensitive content by specifying keywords such as banned words or employees' personal information. All messages in internal and external networks, including messages to and from external participants can be monitored. This person should be a verified admin so they have permission to delete messages anywhere in Yammer.

When a post matches a keyword, the person listed in Email Address receives an email. They can then click a link in the email to review, edit, or delete the flagged post. You can use regular expresssions to match patterns. For information on using regular expressions, see Regular Expression Language.

You can control whether deleted messages and files stored in Yammer are retained and available in data exports. To prevent deleted data from being available in exported data, select Hard Delete. Or, to enable deleted data to appear in exported data, select Soft Delete.

To do this you export the data to identify the data that needs to be permanently deleted, and then write a custom PowerShell script to loop through the specific items to delete. For Yammer files saved in SharePoint, Office data retention settings apply.

For more information, see Overview of retention policies. If as a verified admin, you have a legal reason to view private messages, you can select to see them. For more information, see Monitor private content in Yammer. Overview of security and compliance in Yammer. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode.Anonymous Monk has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:.

I have a swear filter but it's too bloody strict for my liking. How can I get it to block full words rather than words containing swear words?

Just to add what kvale mentioned, there is also Regex::Commonwhich also has a profanity regex built-in, but the wordset is different from what I know. You didn't dis cuss why you want to filter "profanity", but take a look at this and consider the possible consequences before liberally applying a profanity filter. For this look at the use of word boundaries would suggest a look at perlrequick perldoc for such problems,below is what it says about this one.

Each regex that applied would add or subtract points. Only those matches passing a point threshold would be scrubbed. For example, it's more likely to be an intentional curse if it's at the beginning or ending of a word.

profanity regex

It's more likely to be an intentional curse if it is the whole word word boundaries on both ends. It's less likely if it appears buried in a word; these are not filtered, much to the relief of residents of Scunthorp.

Comment on regex for swear filter Download Code. Replies are listed 'Best First'. It may be easier and less error prone to use the module, or to at least to mine it for good tips. Click here. Back to Seekers of Perl Wisdom. I have no intention to change anything of the 'profanity' regexp of Regexp::Common.

profanity regex

I think it's far to controversial someones profanity is someone elses common words to be included. My interpretation is that you dont want to match "patterns" that occur as part of larger words.

How are you going to discuss the comparative advantages and disadvantages of various beasts of burden with a filter like that? When forced by a prudish management to solve a similar problem, I assigned a point system.

Some notes below your chosen depth have not been shown here.Profanity is a lightweight, unofficial front end FE written in Ruby by Tillmen. Its name likely reflects the author's sense of humor, or possibly the response of most people the first time they encounter it. Because Profanity is a script and not compiled software, it can easily be run on any computer which has a proper version of the Ruby interpreter installed.

Anyone using Lich will already have most if not all the necessary tools available on their computer.

Simple .NET Profanity Filter

It it also used by player-created robots, such as TownCrier and the GSIVDeathLogowing to the minimal resources it consumes as well as the ease with which it can be launched from a command-line interface e.

It is also one of the easiest interfaces to play via a tablet or smartphone because it does not waste screen real-estate with bells and whistles; Profanity automatically resolves the dimensions of the window it is called from, for instance automagically moving death messaging directly into the main game feed if the screen is under a certain size.

To play via a smartphone, the best approach would be running Lich and Profanity remotely such as on one's home PC and then accessing the game via ssh. Owing to its minimalist approach, Profanity could be considered slightly more difficult to install and configure than other FEs.

Another possible disadvantage is that it is not officially supported, thus some game defaults give blind errors the user can tell there is a problem but there is no feedback to indicate what went wrong or simply behave in an unusual manner.

At present, this article assumes some basic familiarity with the command line and UNIX-like operating systems, but it may be expanded in the future with clear instructions even for a novice who has never used the command line before.

Profanity is not a full FE itself as it requires Lich to be installed. Lich is used to login to GemStone, as well as for many of the features such as scripting, logging, squelching, etc. Profanity might be best thought of as an add-on to Lich which together create a full FE. Once the file profanity. It must then be given executable permission in UNIX-like operating systems:.

A graphical interface will pop up shown on the rightand one should navigate to the Game Entry tab at the top, enter their Simutronics user name and password, and hit 'Connect'. Assuming the user name and password are correct, the list will then be populated with the player's characters to choose from. The most important step is to check the box 'Save this info for quick game entry'. The present step is only done once, simply to tell Lich and thus Profanity how to login a character, not to actually perform said login.

As the Wizard radio button is selected by default, it is assumed the user simply leaves it as it is. Once these things are done, simply hit 'Play' and the pop-up will close, saving your login details.Released: Apr 8, Blazingly fast cleaning swear words and their leetspeak in strings. View statistics for this project via Libraries. Inspired from package profanity of Ben Friedlandthis library is significantly faster than the original one, by using string comparison instead of regex.

More on Unicode categories can be found here. For example, the word handjob would be loaded into:. The full mapping of the library can be found in profanity. The function.

Profanity filter using python [Recognizing offensive and cuss words]

The provided list will replace the default wordlist. Apr 8, Mar 31, Aug 5, May 26, May 15, May 13, Feb 24, Nov 16, Nov 14, Nov 12, Nov 11, Download the file for your platform.

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If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. Warning Some features may not work without JavaScript. Please try enabling it if you encounter problems. Search PyPI Search. Latest version Released: Apr 8, Navigation Project description Release history Download files. Project links Homepage. Maintainers snguyenthanh.

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Requirements This package only works with Python 3. Not all languages are supported yet, such as Chinese.Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. Asset Store Spring Sale has begun!

Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Come post your questions! Joined: May 25, Posts: 1, There are multiple uses for the "Bad Word Filter" in your game, but the three most obvious would be user names e. Furthermore, you can add or remove any word and language you'd like!

profanity regex

The "Bad Word Filter" works with any language and writing system. It is easily customizableruns on all Unity platforms and the source code including all bad words provided is also contained within the package. Languages Contains over 4' of regular expressions in 25 languages - equivalent to tens of thousands of word variations! Supports any language and any writing system : Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Multi-threaded and lightning fast - even with thousands of words! Use the preconfigured providers for resourcesfiles and URLs - or add your own provider e. Powerful API for maximum control! Detailed demo and test-scenes! Comprehensive documentation and support! Full C source code Compatibility Supports all build platforms!

Works with WindowsMac and Linux editors!

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