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Nigeria has an artistic tradition that dates back thousands of years. While much of the country's early art had a religious or spiritual significance, many of the traditional arts and crafts evolved over time to include practical and decorative items. Many of the local arts and crafts are regional, but most large markets in the major cities sell items from all over the country.

Archaeologists in Nigeria have found a tradition of sculpture that dates to at least B. Statues and figurines made of ceramic, bronze, terra cotta and brass have been found in Nigeria. Bronze casting is a traditional art found mostly in the southwestern area of the country. Nigerian bronze-work often is used to depict striking lifelike statues and masks.

Large wooden masks are part of the animist faith of the Yoruba people, which pre-dates Christianity in the country. The masks often are painted, and believers wear them at funerals and other ceremonies to appease the spirits. The Yoruba festival of Gelede, in the southwest of Nigeria, which celebrates female elders, uses large, elaborately carved masks that depict lifelike women's faces and fighting animals.

The Yoruba use a shrub to create indigo-colored batik-dyed cloth. In Ife, Osogbo, Abeokuta and Ibadan, women traditionally do the dying, while in the north, the craft is practiced almost exclusively by men. Weavers throughout the country produce brightly colored cloth with patterned designs. Oyo state is known for its fine loom cloths, while cloth from Abia state uses a broadloom technique. Pottery has a long tradition in Nigeria.

Pottery from B. Today Suleja, Abuja and Ilorin are considered important centers of traditional pottery, although the craft is practiced throughout the country. Many of the pieces are large vessels with intricate carvings. Potters in Nigeria are often female, and it is common practice for the techniques to be handed down through families. Carved ivory is used for jewelry and small decorative items, as well as for figures placed at altars in honor of ancestors. Woodcarvers create decorative practical implements, such as household utensils, but also figurines, shrines and decorative panels and doors for the home.

The most famous woodcarving comes from Oyo, Benin, Awka and Osogbo. Woven grass is used to make baskets, fans, hats and small tables, while cane weaving creates larger household furniture such as tables and chairs. Glass and coral beads are created by craftsmen who usually inherit the profession; the beads often are applied to small charms, such as the ibej doll, a symbol of good luck.

Heather Potter has more than 10 years experience as a writer. She specializes in travel writing, and her writing has appeared on national websites, including USA Today. She attended Boston University. Traditional Art of Malawi.Don't know your target market?

COVID-19: Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya Begin Mass Surgical-Mask Production

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Many considered it a potent victory against politicians who had failed over decades to build much-needed health infrastructure across the country. Her sentiment cut across a huge chunk of Nigeria's million people. The efficiency with which Nigeria's public health agencies tackled an outbreak of the Ebola virus in Lagos in earned the country international recognition and respect. But this time it's different. According to them, government was not proactive enough in curbing the coronavirus, and that community education was lacking right from the start.

Initially only associated with the elite, the virus quickly reached wider society.

COVID-19: Lagos makes mask wearing compulsory

In early September, Nigeria recorded about 60, confirmed cases and just over 1, deaths. The announcement of lockdowns by the Federal Government imposed on Lagos, Ogun State and Abuja at the end of March meant that many of Nigeria's poor, who rely on daily wages for their survival, were left destitute. After almost three weeks of total lockdown, a partial lockdown was instituted with conditions such as the wearing of facemasks in public and social distancing. By June, a large number of Lagosians could already be seen walking around without masks.

Today, the masks are gone almost completely.

masks in nigeria

Local buses were also quick in no longer adhering to the social distance regulations set out by the government. Life has gradually returned to how it once was; normal, carefree, overcrowded. The coronavirus of course remains in Nigeria but not everyone believes so, or cares. A major driver is that the social contract between the Nigerian government and her citizens only seems to come into existence during elections, causing a lack of trust in the government, and widespread skepticism about its coronavirus messaging.

For many Nigerians, despite a fresh wave of reported infections and deaths that led to the postponement of the opening of Lagos' mosques and churches planned for the 19th and 21st of June respectively and finally implemented on August 21, the question remained: where are the bodies of those whom the government claimed the virus killed?

In Nigeria, seeing is believing. If people don't know anyone who has died from the coronavirus, it does not exist. According to Chief Raymond Gold from Irede community, "the argument is if figures keep increasing and dead bodies aren't littering the streets, then something isn't adding up. People thus see the initial lockdown as unnecessary and the government as being wicked and anti-people. Bimbo Osobe, a community activist who works in the informal settlement of Ajegunle Ikorodu, confirms that many would have rather gone outside and faced the virus while looking for money, than watch their children starve during the lockdown.

Although the Nigerian government put in place relief programmes, many communities such as Irede were not reached at all while what Ikorodu received was insufficient. Osobe remembers. This glaring lack of government presence contributed to the public's doubts about the virus. Most support these communities have received has come from non-governmental organisations and individuals. We also did big size banners which we put at entry points of the community," Chief Gold explains.

Though many still have their doubt, the people of Irede are more likely to listen to Chief Gold than the Nigerian government. Money plays a huge role in how things are perceived in Nigeria, and government, which many see as a place for self-enrichment, is a prime driver of this perception. A total of N Hearing of such dizzying amounts of money, the average Nigerian expects to feel its impact in real terms.

Otherwise, they are quick to allege embezzlement. Confronted by the usual lack of transparency and accountability, many have simply moved on with their lives, having to battle with the high cost of living that COVID has caused. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Hospitals are not spared from this distrust, owing to past experiences people have had with cases of misdiagnosis and wrong treatment, which has sometimes led to deaths.

A growing stigma around COVID also deters many from going to the hospital out of fear of being diagnosed with the virus.Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, yesterday, announced compulsory use of face mask by residents from tomorrow as part of measures to stem the spread of COVID pandemic which has continued to be on the rise in the state. Sanwo-Olu, who also disclosed other important measures taken by state, however, announced the release of prisoners from various prisons across the state.

He explained that the move aimed at decongesting the prisons in view of the ravaging deadly COVID pandemic, adding that the freed prisoners included aged and physically challenged as well as those with minor offences, among other considerations. Let me now formally announce that face masks are now compulsory in public places in Lagos State by Monday, April This is indeed a great opportunity for many businesses, small and large, in the state, to contribute to the Covid response while also getting a chance to do business and earn money.

This is an important season in the life of every Muslim around the world; a commemoration of one of the pillars of Islam. Let me make it clear at this point that these are not Covid deaths. Download Vanguard News App. Saturday 10 October. Follow vanguardngrnews. Breaking News. Kindly Share This Story:. All rights reserved. Disclaimer Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of vanguard newspapers or any employee thereof.

This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.The disturbing increase in the number of confirmed COVID cases in Nigeria has compelled more states to urge their citizens to wear face masks each time they are outdoors. The list below reveals 9 different online stores, answering your question on where to buy face masks in Nigeria even in the face of scarcity.

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And interestingly, it is also home to a variety of nose masks. These include:.

LAGOS: Compulsory face mask begins tomorrow

As a reliable and safety company that specializes in all forms of safety gear, Green Safety also deals with a variety of nose masks, an amazing answer to where to buy face masks in Nigeria. To make your purchase, use the chatbox.

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The price for this is entirely negotiable I chat up the online support to confirm that. As an online pharmacy store, it carves out a niche in supplying face masks to consumers. Its sale of face masks is only limited to N95 respirator masks.

Filtering particles smaller than 0. Unlike some online stores that have a minimal variety of nose masks, this online store offers a much wider array of options.

COVID 19 Truth You Need To Know About Nigeria Face Mask

Also, the availability of different buyers gives you the liberty to choose a price comfortable for you. Unlike disposable masks that could be worn once, this, with the use of disinfectant, can be reused as long as you want. Even though you might not be able to get all types of face masks on this platform, Jumia is home to lots of surgical face masks. Free return is only within a week and 9 days 15 days for Jumia Mall products.

As one of the online stores that specialize in selling equipment and tools, Toolz. The outbreak of COVID has made this online store a host to many consumers that are seeking cheap and durable face masks. It protects your nose from dust and filters the air you breathe in. This type also protects your nose from dust and helps filter the air you breathe.

However, it does more!

masks in nigeria

It can also protect your nose from fume and gas. As one of the experts in safety, Knoxx equipment is one of the leading firms in Nigeria, where consumers get their desired PPE.

And just like the websites mentioned above, it also offers face masks at a fantastic price. Being ahead in the delivery of industrial products for decades, Safety Nigeria is a reliable source for consumers that are seeking cheap protective masks. As a product made from thermoplastic or silicone elastomer, respiratory protection is guaranteed.

Just like their slogan, Gibadi gets your cheap online shopping for industrial face masks done. Making our list of where to buy face masks in Nigeria, you can get a wide variety of face masks to choose from. This half face mask reusable respirator is recommended for mechanical, chemical, painting, and other forms of industrial work.

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This mask is said to be manufactured from flexible and durable thermoplastic rubber, it is also designed to reduce pressure when breathing and provide comfort for the wearer.

In China, for example, more than 30 million counterfeit face masks have been confiscated. Taking advantage of the fierce global demand, some illegitimate manufacturers have penetrated the market and sold to local stores that have shortages.Yoruban God of Iron, Nigerian wood mask.

Yoruba Gelada Headdress, Nigerian wood mask. Equality in Marriage, Nigerian Wood Mask. Log in Log in to see your rewards. Log in or create a free account to see your current rewards, artisan impact level and shipping discounts.

I thought it was quite unique decoration and excellent hand crafting, I hope she likes it and holds on and does not give it back to me!

Hay for sale duluth mn

Much Thanks for all the superb orders Gregg. This mask of Queen Idia is sensational. Every feature is life-like. The african's care and cautioned is well captured in this creation!

Write a review. But I haven't abandoned painting completely either. By Abdul Aziz Mohamadu, this mask conveys a quiet joy. Its colorful contours are hand carved from seasoned African rubberwood and beautifully painted. Seed beads of recycled glass adorn the cheeks and brow. Used by the Gogoberi tribe in Nigeria during their harvest festival, it gives thanks to the gods. If she does not return the mask, the proposal has been accepted. This contemporary example is hand-carved of native rubberwood and adorned with intricate aluminum nailhead patterns before being rubbed with a white clay finish for an aged effect.

Comes ready to hang. Demure and beautiful, a maiden from Africa's Fula tribe is depicted in a mask. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu shapes the piece from seasoned African rubberwood.

Painted by hand, it receives applications of richly embossed aluminum. The artisan's inspiration comes from the Fulani people of Nigeria. A mask to honor ancestors, this one is largely known as "Festac.

This yearly event that began in Nigeria is represented by a mask personifying Queen Idia, and it symbolizes the spiritual bond that unites all peoples of African descent in the world today.

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Frank Odei Amoani creates a stunning version as he carves this mask of sese wood and applies clay to achieve an ancient, weathered look. Queen Idia extended the frontier of what is known as the Ancient Benin Empire to unbelievable heights and wide geographical reach. She was a devout patron of the arts who encouraged the creative impulses of her people as much as their valiant pursuit of conquest.

Certified clean packing environment.

masks in nigeria

Quality tested and verified by our region teams. Home Masks.The governor of Lagos State, the economic capital of Nigeria, has made the wearing of masks compulsory to fight against the coronavirus, his spokesman told AFP on Sunday. Lagos, the neighbouring state of Ogun and the federal capital Abuja have been placed since the end of March under total containment in order to stop the spread of the virus which has officially caused to date 35 deaths for 1, confirmed cases in Nigeria, including 19 deaths for cases in Lagos.

We have made arrangements for the production of masks in large quantities for the people of Lagos State. A decision by President Muhammadu Buhari on the lifting or extension of this containment, which expires on Monday, is expected at any moment. The governor of Lagos has threatened penalties and sanctions for anyone who violates the requirement to wear a mask while the virus is spreading among the population, according to his spokesman.

Africa as a whole remains even less affected than most other regions of the world, with 1, deaths for more than 29, confirmed cases, according to a report compiled by AFP.

The toll is particularly heavy in Algeria and Egypt, with respectively deaths for more than 3, confirmed cases and deaths for more than 4, cases. Welcome to Africanews Please select your experience. Watch Live. Breaking News Close. Nigeria The governor of Lagos State, the economic capital of Nigeria, has made the wearing of masks compulsory to fight against the coronavirus, his spokesman told AFP on Sunday.

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