1947 willys wiring diagram hd quality comparison

New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. Ive been investigating the wiring on my little 48 all weekend trying to figure out how to the the taillights working, and I think Im just going to re-wire so I know what's going on, There's dead ends, bundles and all sorts of spliced together crap behind the dash and all over There's a brake light switch on the end of my master cylinder, but it's definitely not the original type master cylinder as well, maybe a 50s jeep one, hard to tell.

Anyway, does anyone have experience maybe just putting in a small fuse panel and powering everything but the starter off of that and having ACC with a key which will allow the lights and gauges to work, and a foot starter for the starter?

I think that's the way I want to go. It's got a 12V starter, battery and starter relay. This is the kind of mess I have going. Any suggestions, thoughts, plans or warning would be appreciated. Just making th ecopy on poster paper I learned a bunch. You will need to modify it a little to customize it to your needs. The starter looks like the original 6 volt one.

1947 willys wiring diagram hd quality comparison

I doubt the previous owner made the effort to have it rewound for 12 volt so it is probably still a 6 volt unit. Although it will still work fine in a 12 volt system, don't crank the engine for extended periods of time. You'll risk burning the starter up. You might think about replicating your dash on a large piece of cardboard, then you can do all of the wiring in a nice clean location, build it right on the back of the cardboard, put in the gages and all the wiring, make the labels, then you have a nice wiring harness all made up and ready to go.

That's my plan, I have some triple thick cardboard I am gonna use. I have a dorman ignition in there, nothing's wired to the acc post, one wires to ground, i forget the rest.

I guess i should just remove all the dead-ended crap first, then diagram what i have,m make a picture of it, and edit the pic with some help and re-wire using that diagram.

Thats the same ignition I have. I just rewired mine from scratch. You can pretty much rewire the whole jeep in a few hours. I followed this diagram. Captain Pat, thanks! Im going to tear into mine soon.The CJ2As wiring is about as simple as it gets, but the wiring diagrams in the Willys manuals are a compromise, and can be confusing. Aside from being a schematic, they are also a layout, with the parts being shown in the same relative locations they would be on the vehicle. This makes it difficult to decipher, since wires are shown crossing over each other all over the place.

Later year diagrams are slightly different, but only in form, not function. Some of the parts have changed shape and location, but the wiring is essentially the same. The same diagram, colorized, and with some part locations rearranged for better clarity. Since most of these coils burned out long ago, and replacements haven't been made for near 50 years, most CJs have the newer coil setup.

Laid out linearly, from the battery to the farthest connection. Colors are my own chosing, just for clarity. The original Willys wire color markings are noted in the diagram. Not all wires are identified in the Willys diagrams. Note that the ignition switch only controls power to two circuits: the coil, and the fuel gauge.

The original charging system has often been replaced, usually with a 12v alternator. Voltage is irrelevant here, both are configured in one of these 3 possibilities:. The original coil had the ignition switch built into the coil base. This style fell out of use by the early '50s, and replacement coils haven't been made since then.

Ammeter and coil switch are not absolutely necessary, but helpful and convenient.Phone: These Diagrams can help identify or help in the assembly of your Willys project. Part numbers listed are original Willys part numbers and may have been replaced with a more updated number.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image. Hand Brake Assembly.

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Clutch Assembly, 4 Cylinder Engines. Clutch Linkage, 4 Cylinder Engines. L Engine Block. F Engine Block. L Cylinder Head.

F Cylinder Head. L Camshaft. F Camshaft. L Manifolds. F Exhaust Manifold. L Crank Case Ventilation.

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Jeep CJ Fuel System. CJ Steering System Front or Rear Suspension. T Transmission. Spicer 18 Transfer Case. We also have a large selection of parts for the newest Jeep models.This article shows the wiring or re-wiring steps for you early to mid WWII Willys jeep with a new wiring harness.

Over the years as the wiring on a jeep deteriates it is replaced with wiring that is not correct. Rewiring your jeep can be a one man job, but having another person to compare your understanding can be worth while. In this article, we will describe the steps on how to rewire your wwii jeep. The Firewall holes are different between the Willys and Ford tubs. If you can't print the pdf, you can get the diagrams from these links: Wiring Diagram Push Pull Switch 6 post junction firewall. The wiring master kits come with all the wiring parts you need to wire your jeep and is part A B MK.

The diagrams are poor in the kits, but the wires are all labeled and placed in seperate bags for easy application. Therefore it is a good idea to check that all wires are included with your kit prior to starting. It is critical to wire up your main switch A first under the dash before you pull it tight to mount to the dash.

This is the most comfortable way to reach everything.

Willys Jeep Parts Diagrams & Illustrations

Once you pull the harness and mount on your dash you are forced to be bent over to make adjustments. Push Pull Switch Wiring Diagram. Follow the diagram and wire up the switch. Then put the extensions on the dash and push the wired bulb sockets through the extenssions. Follow the diagram it is pretty straight forward. When you complete the six post wiring, then connect the horn line on the sterring box, and the connect the Master Cylinder Brake light switch leads green and red.

Now connect the Horn wire to the steering box, and the two connections to the Master Cylinder brake switch A Next connect the tail wires with the connectors that came in the kit. Once you have the tail light wires connected, then wrap some electrical tape around the connectors to protect the connectors from potential water and dirt.

Next, wire up your trailer socket A The ground wire can be black or blue. The trailer socket should be clearly marked for the other two connections. The Fuel gauge requires a very good ground and here are two ways to do it. First, you can add an extra ground wire as shown on the left and connect it from one of the sender screws to the side of the tub where a footman loop is connected and Second, sand down to bare metal around the Fuel gauge hole so that the casing of the fuel gauge will utilize the ground as well.

In addition, DO NOT paint the casing to the fuel gauge otherwise you will lose your ground connection. The headlight wiring will follow the top of the grill and connect with clips to the grill as shown. To wire up the headlights, run the wire loom through the hole in the back of the bucket, and connect the yellow ground wire to the screw shown. Then connect the 3 prong connector to the headlight.

Push the headlight into the bucket and connec the retainer. Wiring the marker lights need to be done while the mark housing is installed.

With the Marker lights in place, run your marker light wire through the screw housing and pull through. You should have an existing wire from the BO light that will need to be connected to the new wire you just brought through the housing. Place a small shrink wrap piece away from the two wires you are about to connect.

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Wrap these two wires together or solder.Willys L6 F4 Service Manual. Willys-Overland owners manual.

1947 willys wiring diagram hd quality comparison

Willys MB wiring diagram. Willys was a trademark, which was used by Willys-Overland Motorsthe American car company most famous for its development and production of military jeeps MBs and civil CJs in the 20th century cars. From toWilly s was the second largest car manufacturer in the US after the company Ford Motor. Production of Willys MBbetter known as Jeepstarted injointly by WillysFord and American Bantam which was the initiator of the idea of original design Jeep body.

After the war, Willys was planning to re-enter the passenger car market in with the model of Willys sedan. Its name comes from the fact that it was equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, which gave power 70 hp model is touted as the first car in America for the broader market, which offer independent suspension on all four wheels, but, unfortunately, this car was never put into production. In the 50s and 60s the production of Willys change of ownership a few times and eventually moved to the United States to Brazil, where he engaged in the production of jeeps until History of Willys Cars.Click on email button.


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1947 willys wiring diagram hd quality comparison

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Wiring Schematics

The reality of restoring a jeep can be quite different, expensive and overwhelming without the right tools and resources. So, tread carefully when purchasing a "project".

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If you have any concerns about buying a vintage jeep, or run across a scam, feel free to contact me for help, comments or concerns. I created a post with a list of wiring schematics, but it was deleted somehow. This page provides a temporarily replacement. CJ-2A wiring Diagram. I managed to track down a willys wagon wiring diagram actually, the entire manual. Let me know if you have any trouble with it. If you get a chance, you might thank the folks over at the old willys forum for scanning and posting it.Total Profit of 1.

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1947 willys wiring diagram hd quality comparison

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